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Upgrades Unleashed - Commander Deck - NEC - Kamigawa Neon Dynasty - MTG - Magic the Gathering

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Choose your commander and overcome both friend and foe in this fun and

exciting multiplayer Magic format. Wield Chishiro's blade and cut down all who

would stand before you. Unleash the true potential of your creatures with auras.

equipment, and counters. Together, you are capable of anything!


When Chishiro's troops were ambushed, he lost everything: his friends, his blade, and his

bond with his kami. Now, Chishiro travels the land in search of the scattered pieces of his

broken blade. As he helps people along the way, he feels his connections to the world-and

his old kami-begin to heal.

INCLUDES: 100-card deck with 15 new cards • Deck box • 10 double-sided token cards

PLUS: Foil-etched display commander • Life Wheel™* • Strategy insert • Reference card