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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (Alternate Cover) - Dungeon & Dragons

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begins in a world of your choosing-per-

haps a world of your own creation-then

ventures into the Feywild. Also known as

the Plane of Faerie, the Feywild is a place

of wonder and whimsy ruled by unfettered emotion.

Before running this adventure, please read the "Fey-

wild" section in the Dungeon Master's Guide, as it

contains useful information about this dusky, fantas-

tic plane of existence.

The information in this book is intended for the

DM's eyes only. If you're planning to play through

the adventure with someone else as your DM, stop

reading now!


The main antagonists of this story are three hags

who collectively form the Hourglass Coven, which is

described in appendix B. These hags are the adop-

tive sisters of Iggwilv, a powerful figure from D&D's

past and a key player in the adventure's unfolding

drama. Using an artifact called Iégwilv's Cauldron,

the hags have trapped an archfey named Zybilna

in temporal stasis and carved up her fey domain

among them. This domain is called Prismeer. To

enter it, the characters must first visit the Witch-

light Carnival, which travels across the Material

Plane and appears on the characters' world once

every eight years. The carnival owners are a pair of

chadar bai (alves native to the Chadourfall) nomad